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5 Stores. 12 Registers. 1 You.

With Our Video Surveillance System, the Odds are in Your Favor.

Today, you are faced with the need to manage multiple stores. Did you know that according to National Retail Association employee theft and shrinkage accounts for an average $32 Billion a year? The National restaurant Association estimates restaurant losses due to internal theft exceed $20 billion annually. How can you prevent this?

The answer is Remote Video Surveillance. The management solution that provides security and helps your business become more profitable by reducing shrinkage and increasing worker productivity. Using Virtual Circuit Television (VCTV), our video surveillance system, integrates your CounterPoint SQL, Retail Pro and Aloha Restaurant point of sale system. With our surveillance system it allows you to view and manage multiple locations remotely.
It’s the perfect combination of application, integration, and security – giving you the ultimate tool for managing your business, whether it is a convenience store, drug store, discount store, or bar and restaurant.

Protect your business. Protect Your Cash Flow.

To learn how, watch a demo video here.

Why Integrate POS Systems to Video Surveillance System?

Using our advanced POS Integration software, connecting your CCTV system with your Point of Sale System is easier, more reliable, and cost effective. Our system uses Internet Protocol (IP) network technology to leapfrog the serial data integration products commonly used in the industry.

Our surveillance system captures transaction data in real time (as the transaction is occurring). All events such as deleted item, discounts, and coupons are captured in the video archive, perfectly synchronized to when it occurred. Transaction search and retrieval by clerk, item and ticket number is a powerful tool to prevent internal theft and employee scam. Be aware, most video surveillance systems capture data only when the receipt prints, even if the receipt is printed minutes after the actual transaction!

Product Features:

Business owners cover their surveillance system costs, usually within weeks.

  • IP based CCTV and Camera & Data Capture
  • Real Time Data Capture
  • Transaction Filtering
  • Software Text Insertion in Video Archive
  • Integrates to POS System – Aloha POS, CounterPoint SQL, Retail Pro
  • Local Database Storage for up to 30 Days
  • Transaction Search and Retrieval
  • One Click Video Archive Search and Retrieval
  • One Click CD Burn
  • Remote Data Search Using Client Software
  • Real Time Link to Enterprise Dashboard Retail Monitor
  • Compatible with RES and HIRES

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